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Unable to access data on your Virtual PC Machine? Call our data recovery specialists on 0800 999 3282 now and we will come out to repair and recover your data.

With the widespread growth of multiple multi core processors, 64 bit architecture supporting huge amounts of Physical RAM and new technologies that support virtualisation in the latest versions of Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Mac OS X Leopard (both client and Server versions) and stable Enterprise level support for virtualisation in many Linux distributions, virtual machines are becoming a cost effective, fast and reliable method of rolling out many services, operating systems, databases etc on a single hardware server.

R3 Data Recovery exists to recover data from servers, hard drives and portable devices and has a specialist team that focuses exclusively on recovering data from virtual machines.

Our Virtual Machine Recovery Services offer a thorough data recovery service that is unique in our industry. We can recover your failed server/virtual machine, whether Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, BSD or any other Unix variant with options of on-site repairs and 24 hour turn around times. We can even get your server up and running and transfer your critical data back to it.

Leave IT to the Experts

Our in house virtual machine recovery team consists of industry leading data recovery experts, Microsoft Certified Professionals, hardware, software and Linux/Unix experts. With superb customer service support and data loss prevention consultation services we believe that we offer the widest, most comprehensive disaster prevention and data recovery team in the UK.

Please don’t try and fix the issues you have without contacting us first. Any work you do perform may cause more issues. Talk to us on 0800 999 3282 or fill out the form on the right side and together we’ll plan the best course of action.

The Windows Virtual PC is arguably the standard in virtualization programs made available by Microsoft since 2009 as the successor to Virtual PC 2007. Unlike other virtual machines which are limited only to running guest-compatible applications in the virtualized environment, the Windows Virtual PC boasts a number of innovative features that extend functionality. The latest version of the Virtual PC has strong integration with host hardware so that it grants access to the USB port and other computer peripherals such as printers and scanners. Even though this virtualization program is a top-tier in the industry, issues of Windows Virtual PC data recovery are still a source of concern among users of the said virtualized environment.

Data failure in virtualization programs can happen at various levels of implementation. The mechanism of the Windows Virtual PC to destroy temporary data once the implementation stops operation further complicates the data recovery process. To some extent, file integration between the actual host and the virtualized guest computers can create conflicts in the file-sharing system. These conflicts can modify data even those which are outside of the virtualized environment. With great functionality of the Windows Virtual PC comes greater risk for data loss. Nonetheless, the benefits of virtualization should not be forgone just because of the risks involved.

When built-in data recovery tools for the Windows Virtual PC fail, the best and definite solution is to hire the expertise of R3 Data Recovery. The customer-driven approach of the company ensures that crucial data are recovered at the least expense and at the highest value for the client. Most of the time, confidential data could leak during the process of recovery as evidenced by other companies providing similar services. With R3 Data Recovery, confidential data are kept secure under the roof of the modern Recovery Lab protected with 24-hour security systems. When technicians bring the virtualization-enabled machine or server into the lab for data recovery, only utmost quality is expected out from the service.

R3 Data Recovery is very confident about the data recovery tools they employ that no fee from the client is required if no data are recovered. Their recovery algorithms and data forensics tools employ cutting-edge technologies to extract and repair even the shadiest of information left after virtual machine failures. The mere fact that temporary data are created within the virtualized environment is enough to guarantee that Windows Virtual PC data recovery will be successful.

Clients may get an initial quote by submitting an enquiry through the R3 Data Recovery website. Free diagnostic services of the virtualized machine or server are also offered by the company. For the most secure and reliable Windows Virtual PC data recovery, computer experts recommend R3 Data Recovery.

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