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VMware Recovery

vmware recovery

Recover your lost data from damaged or corrupted VMvare virtual machines.

Virtual Box Recovery

virtual box recovery

Recover your lost data from damaged or corrupted Virtual Box virtual machines.

Parallels Recovery

parallels recovery

Recover your lost data from damaged or corrupted Parallels virtual machines.

ESXi/VMFS Recovery

esxi recovery

Recover your lost data from damaged or corrupted ESXi/VMFS virtual machines.

Virtual PC Recovery

virtual pc recovery

Recover your lost data from damaged or corrupted Virtual PC virtual machines.

HyperV Recovery

hyperv recovery

Recover your lost data from damaged or corrupted HyperV virtual machines.

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R3 Data Recovery Services are designed to meet the needs of businesses and home users requiring a fixed cost, highly successful data recovery solution. We provide our services directly to business, home users and through our network of IT Support partners.

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Great customer assistance, reliability and punctuality in solving the problem within the predicted time slot. Recommendable.

Gloria, London

Very efficient service. Gave me good advice and recovered almost all my data. Would definately use again. Did not seek ...

Andrew Lester – Aitken Turnbull Architects

From my first phone call to delivery the whole process was polite, informative and fast. The highest compliment I can ...

Gavin Gamble

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R3 Virtual Machine Data Recovery Service

Technology is at once a fantastic creation that makes thousands of things possible that were just a dream before now. That being said, it is also somewhat fickle and can result in unwanted data loss in the event of an emergency. When using an online or virtual machine the most important thing to remember is that if the machine becomes inaccessible or if the server crashes, there are still ways to retrieve your data, virtual machine recovery is always possible.

R3 Data Recovery is a company that offers a solution for those that have experienced data loss and want to get their data back. Our company offers a wide variety of services that include but are not limited to virtual machine recovery, hard drive recovery, flash or jump drive recovery, ssd recovery, file or database repair, external hard drive recovery, and Raid & NAS device recovery. Our company prides itself in excellent customer service and the ability to recover large amounts of data that others would deem lost.

The well trained technicians are well versed in each of the data recovery operations mentioned and for a fixed price can recover your data quickly and easily. Rather than adjusting costs dependent on the amount of data recovered or the amount of time it takes, each job is a flat rate and you can expect prompt service. We offer data recovery solutions to both business professionals and home users through a broad network of IT support partners.

Recovering your data has never been so easy or efficient. If you are interested in using our services you can fill out a risk and obligation free online quote form so that your problem can be assessed and a price can be set. We work with the most cutting edge recovery technology so the likelihood that you will be able to get your data back is exceptionally high. Because our technicians are trained with the newest software they can find solutions that other companies or services may miss when it comes to recovering your valuable data.

R3 Data Recovery is a client driven business that relies on the customers to spread the good word about the completed work. We work to satisfy each customer no matter what and work to explore all solutions to each data recovery problem.

What is a Virtual Machine?

A virtual machine (VM) is a computer in which one operating system is stored on a file-system containing a separate operating system. For instance, one may use a Windows server to run a business account, a UNIX Web-server for a website, a Linux server for emails, e.t.c on the same computer. A virtual machine is more economical and efficient and it is easier to access or back-up data as required. The utmost disadvantage of a VM is machine failure because most (or all) functions of your business would be lost then. Furthermore, it would be impossible to inform clients or other people of the predicament as all information and contact details are in the one machine that malfunctioned. Loss of data is one of the most disappointing issues in today's world of computers in any setup. The crashing of a hard disk or a server breakdown can spell disaster to a whole organization especially where a lot of information is stored in a common database. At such desperate times, finding someone to offer virtual machine recovery services would be like finding an oasis in a desert and the successful expert would really be celebrated.

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